What is a talent review and how do I use it?

A talent review is a process where employees are scored on two or three dimensions, such as performance and potential. As a manager, you are providing the organization a picture of your employees. The scores you give will result in a visual overview in the form of a grid. Afterwards, these results can be discussed with HR and possibly other supervisors. This way, you are able to identify the talented employees in the organization.

We fully support this process in Dialog. When your organization makes use of talent reviews, you can read about how Dialog facilitates this process in this article.

The talent review in Dialog

As a manager, you can fill in the talent review for your employees. You receive an e-mail notification when it time to fill in the talent review in Dialog. Via the button in the mail, you can directly go to the talent review.


You are now presented an overview of the employees for whom you have to fill in the talent review. You can score the employees on the dimensions that are selected by your organization. You can textually explain the scores as well. When you click on an employee, you will find some more details, such as goals, feedback, activities and notes. This will make it easier for you to score the employee.


When you are done, click on 'Save'. Now you are able to see a visual overview of what you have filled in. Employees and other managers are not able to see the talent review results.


HR can facilitate a session where you can discuss the results of the talent review.

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