Where can I write notes for my employees?

You can write notes and comments for employees that you supervise. You can do this at the goal page of that employee. There are various types of notes that you can write and places where you can write them. In this article we explain what types of notes you can write and where you should write them.


Comments on goals

As a supervisor you can write comments at the goals of your employees. This provides you the opportunity to give feedback and compliments to your employees regarding the specific goals they are working on. In order to do so, you click on the goal and write your comment in the text field.


Next to goal specific comments, you can also write general notes for the employee in the sidebar at the right side of the screen. You can write the following types of notes here:

Talking points

Under the header 'Talking points' you can write topics that you want to discuss with your employee. You can do this by clicking on '+ Add talking point'. You can share this topic with the employee or keep it just for yourself. Are there any other colleagues that supervise this employee, then you can also share the talking point with them.

Under this header you can also see the talking points that the employee has written for you (unless the employee made them private). At the right side of the topic, you can see who wrote it. You can always edit or delete a talking point written by yourself. You can edit the topic by hovering over the topic with your mouse and clicking on the pencil. You delete the topic by clicking on the trash can.

Have you discussed the talking point with the employee? Then you can cross it off by clicking on the box in front of the talking point.


Conversation notes

Under the header 'Conversation' you can see the most recent activity of the employee regarding goals, feedback, and notes. Here you are able to write general notes, comments or updates, which we call conversation notes. You can write the note in the text field and then indicate who is allowed to read the note. When written the note, you are always able to edit or delete it again.

Moreover, you can filter the different activities in the sidebar. You can filter on 'Activity regarding goals', 'Activity regarding feedback', or 'Conversation notes'. In this way you can easily see what the employee has done in Dialog recently.


Private notes

Under the 'Private notes' header, you can keep notes about the employee that you only want to keep for yourself. Private notes can be seen by no other than you. You can write a private notes in the text field. When you are done, click on 'Add' to save it. This makes your private notes easily accessible at one place. You can edit the note by clicking on it and delete it by clicking on the trash can.


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