How do I create a new survey?

If you already have different (default) themes in the Engagement module or have added your own theme, you can proceed to create and send a survey. Follow these steps:

1. Click on 'Management'.

2. Click on 'Engagement' and then on 'Surveys'.

3. Click on 'Schedule survey' to plan a new survey.

Tab 1: Planning

4. Give the survey a name, which will be displayed to the employees in the announcement email.

5. Set the 'start date'. On this date, all employees to whom the survey is sent will receive an invitation to complete the survey at 8:00 AM.

6. Specify the 'end date'. This date indicates until when the employees can fill out the survey. If they attempt to open the survey after this end date, they will receive an error message.

7. Determine the 'Type' of survey. There are two types to choose from: 'Standard' and 'Pulse.'

If you choose 'Standard,' the survey will be sent out once, and employees can fill it out. After the end date, the survey will no longer be accessible.

If you choose 'Pulse,' the survey will be sent out in multiple pulses. Specify the frequency of the pulses by selecting an option from the dropdown menu under 'Pulse frequency.'

Note: You can only choose a 'Pulse frequency' after filling in the start and end dates.

8. Check the box for 'Repeat this survey' if you want the survey to be sent multiple times. The options provided are:

a. Weekly
b. Monthly
c. Quarterly
d. Semi-annually
e. Annually

9. Check the box for 'Use a custom email text' if you want to use a different or additional email text. Enter the desired text in the provided field.

10. Click on the 'Themes and questions' section.

Tab 2: Themes and questions

11. Specify the order of the questions under 'order.' You can choose between 'original order' and 'random.'
Note: If you select 'random order' here in combination with the 'Pulse' type, each employee will receive different questions per pulse. This way, you can gain an overall picture of the organization right from the first pulse.

12. Choose the number of questions per page or theme under 'questions per page.' Select between displaying '1 question per screen' or '1 theme per screen.'
If you choose '1 question per screen,' employees will see a new screen for each question. If you choose '1 theme per screen,' they will see all the questions of one theme on the screen.

13. Enter the number of questions to be sent per pulse in the provided field.
Note: This option will only appear if you selected 'Pulse' under the 'Type' section in the 'Planning' tab.

14. Click on 'Add theme with questions.' By clicking in the bar, you will see all existing questions and themes listed. Click on a question or theme to add it to the survey.

15. Proceed to the 'Target audience' section.

Tab 3: Target audience

16. Determine who will receive the survey. You can choose based on team level or job level. Select the highest-level team if you want to send the survey to the entire organization. All underlying teams will also be invited to complete the survey.

17. Click on 'Save' once you have filled in all the information. The survey invitation will be sent at 8:00 AM on the start date. If you have set the start date as today, the survey will be automatically sent the following morning.

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