How do I send an Engagement survey?

When using one of the standard Engagement questionnaires, multiple surveys are already available. These surveys are categorized into the 6 main themes and the baseline measurement. The eNPS is also added as a separate theme. The eNPS question can also be included in other surveys by adding it to a survey.

1. Click on 'Management'

2. Click on 'Engagement' and then on 'Surveys' Here you will see an overview of the standard surveys, and you can also add your own survey.

3. Click on the three dots next to the survey and click on 'Edit' To create a new (custom) survey, click on '+ Plan survey in'.

Tab 1: Planning

4. Modify the name of the survey if desired.
Note: This is also the name that employees will see when receiving the questionnaire. The email subject will say: "Would you like to fill out the Meaningful Work survey?"

5. Select the 'start date'.
Note: Once a survey has started, you cannot change this date.

6. Also, select the 'end date'. This date indicates until when employees can complete the survey. If they try to open the survey after this end date, they will receive an error message.

7. The appropriate duration of a survey depends on the number of questions but will typically be between 2 weeks and a month. If you haven't received enough responses, you can always adjust the end date to a later time.

Specify the 'Type' of survey. There are two types to choose from: standard and pulse.

If you choose 'Standard', all questions will be sent out at once, and employees can complete them. After the end date, the survey cannot be completed anymore.

If you choose 'Pulse', the questions will not be sent all at once but in different pulses at different times. Additionally, indicate how often the pulse should be sent by clicking on the dropdown under 'Pulse frequency' and making a selection. Important: If you choose the 'Pulse' type, the survey is still considered as one questionnaire. This means that all results, scores, and answers will be shown together, and you cannot filter them based on the time of administration.

Note: You can only choose a 'Pulse frequency' after filling in the start and end dates. When you select the survey type 'Pulse', the duration of the survey is longer. Depending on the number of added questions, it can be a quarter, half a year, or even a year.

8. If you want to repeat the survey, check the box and choose when it should be repeated. If you want to include your own email text, check the box and write the text in the text field.

9. Click on the 'Themes and Questions' tab'

Tab 2: Themes & questions

10. Specify the 'order' of the questions. You can choose between the original order or random. Note: If you select random order in combination with the 'Pulse' type, each employee will receive different questions per pulse. This way, you will have an overall view of the organization on the insights page after the first pulse.

11. Choose whether there should be 1 question per screen or 1 theme per screen under 'questions per page'. If you choose 1 question per screen, employees will see a new screen for each question. If you choose 1 theme per screen, they will see all the questions from one theme on the screen.

Note: If you have chosen 'Pulse' under the 'Planning' section, you will get the additional option 'Number of questions per pulse'. This allows you to specify how many questions an employee receives in each pulse. The number of questions you enter here depends on the start and end dates and the pulse frequency of
Bijvoorbeeld: De survey 'Betekenisvol werk' heeft 20 vragen, de startdatum zet je op 6 februari en de einddatum op 5 maart. Voor 'Pulse frequentie' vul je in 'Wekelijks op maandag (DAG)'. Alle medewerkers krijgen dan 4 keer een vragenlijst. Bij 'Aantal vragen per pulse' vul je dan 5 in. 
Op deze manier komen alle vragen 1 keer aanbod in de vragenlijst. Wanneer de loopt tijd langer is dan het aantal vragen in de survey, worden de vragen herhaalt net zo lang tot de einddatum is geweest. 

12. Click on 'Add theme with questions' if you want to add an additional theme or specific questions to the survey. By clicking on the question or theme, you can add them to the survey.
Note: If you have added a new question to a theme, you will always need to add it to the survey separately. It does not happen automatically.

Once the survey has started and the invitation has been sent, you no longer have the ability to modify or add other questions. This cannot be changed after the start date or sending of the invitation.

13. Click on the 'repeat' button to include a question in every 'Pulse.'

Note: You will only have this option if you selected 'Pulse' as the type under the 'Planning' tab.

14. Click on the 'Target Audience'

Tab 3: Target Audience

  1. Determine who will receive the survey. You can choose at the team level or at the job level. Select the highest team if you want to send the survey to the entire organization; all underlying teams will be selected as well, and they will receive a message to complete the survey. 
  2. Click on 'Save' once you have filled in all the information. The survey invitation will be sent in the morning at 8:00 AM on the start date. If you have set the survey for today's date and it is later than 8:00 AM, the survey will be automatically sent the following morning.




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