How to create or modify a theme

In Dialog, you can create a new theme or modify an existing theme for Engagement.

To create a new theme or modify an existing theme, follow these steps:

1. Click on "Management"

2. Click on "Engagement" and then click on "Themes"

3. To create a new theme, click on "New Theme"

4. To modify an existing theme, click on the three dots and choose "Edit"

Note: Remember to save your changes in between!

Adding or Modifying the Name, Description, and New/Existing Questions

From this point on, modifying an existing theme or creating a new theme follows the same process.

5. Modify the name, short name, or description of the theme

6. Optional: Specify the main theme if it is a new sub-theme. For an existing sub-theme, you can change the main theme by clicking on it

7. Click on "Add a question" if you want to add questions to the theme

8. Here, you can either add an existing question or create a new question and add it

9. Modify which rating is displayed when deferring this question. Click on the current rating to change it. It will appear at the bottom of the rating list (click on "show all scales"). If you have chosen a different rating, it will also appear at the bottom of this list.

Note: Using different ratings can affect the final scores.

10. Indicate whether this question should be linked to the Engagement or Enablement type.

11. Click on "Save" once you have filled in or modified the question(s), rating, or type.

12. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Save" once you have added, removed, or modified all the questions and completed all the relevant steps.

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