How does a survey look like for employees?

When you create and schedule a new survey, it will be automatically sent out the next morning. All employees will receive an email notification. By clicking on the "Fill out now" button, will taken them directly to the survey.

It is not a problem if an employee doesn't complete the entire survey in one go. All provided answers will be saved. When the employee clicks on the "Fill out now" button again later, they can continue from where they left off.

The way employees see the survey can vary depending on the choices made during survey creation. Here are a few examples:


  • The email received by employees may contain a custom message.
  • After clicking the link in the email, they will see the following screen:
  • After clicking the "Start survey" button, they will proceed to the questions you have set up under Themes & Questions.

Themes & Questions

  • Depending on the survey settings, employees will see either one question per page or one theme per page.
  • If you have chosen one question per page, it will look like this:
  • If you have chosen one theme per page, it will look like this:
  1. By clicking on the "X" in the top left corner of the screen, the survey can be aborted.
  2. Employees who use the Performance module in Dialog have the option to add their provided answers as a private discussion point. They can later discuss this with a supervisor.
  3. The provided answers are always saved during the survey.
  4. The answers are always saved anonymously and cannot be traced back to individuals.
  5. The employee can finalize the survey by clicking on "Submit."
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