Writing evaluations in Dialog (supervisor)

At the end of a period, you will have conversations with your employees about their achievements and development. In Dialog, you can prepare for these discussions through an evaluation form. This article provides (1) a (self) evaluation, (2) a step-by-step description of the evaluation process in Dialog, and (3) an explanation of how you can track your employees' progress through a dashboard.

(1) The Evaluation Process in Dialog

1. The employee starts by writing a self-evaluation and shares it with you. Once they have done this, you will receive an email notification. By clicking on the 'View Evaluation' button in this email, you will go directly to the employee's evaluation form.

2. Next, you will write an evaluation about the employee. To make this process easier, you can see what the employee has written in their self-evaluation. You can build on their input or respond accordingly.
You will also have access to your own (private) notes about the employee, as well as their reflections and received feedback. In this way you have all the information you need in hand. This makes writing the evaluation more straightforward.

You can save the evaluation as a draft and continue working on it later if needed.

3. Once you have completed writing the evaluation, you can send it by clicking on 'Send to...'. The employee will then receive an email and can view the evaluation you have written.

4. You are now well-prepared for the evaluation conversation. You may choose to adjust the evaluation form based on what you discuss during the meeting. After the conversation, it is your responsibility to finalise the evaluation. This closes the evaluation, and the form can no longer be edited.
To do this, click on 'Complete Evaluation' at the bottom of the form. Remember to do this after the evaluation conversation has taken place. If you accidentally finalise the evaluation but need to make changes, you can request the internal administrator of your organisation to reopen the evaluation.

5. If your organisation has set it up so that the employee must approve the completed evaluation, they will receive an email asking them to provide their approval after you have finalised the evaluation. Once this step is completed, you have gone through all the necessary steps, and the evaluation process is fully concluded.

(3) Tracking Progress

At the end of the evaluation round, all your employees' evaluations should be completed. To help you keep track of this progress, we have created a dashboard. This dashboard allows you to monitor the status of your employees' evaluations. Read here where to find this overview and how to use it.

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