How do I fill in an engagement survey?

In this article we show you what you can expect when filling in an Engagement survey through Dialog. We also give you some tips for during the survey. 



When a survey is send you will receive an e-mail with a link to the survey, like the example below. To be able to fill in the survey, click on the button 'Go to survey'. The survey opens directly and you can start giving answers.  

Start screen survey

After clicking on the button you see a screen similar to the screen below. Here you see what to expect from the survey such as the amount of questions that will be asked. How long it will take to fill in the survey and that your answers are always anonymous.

Answering questions and sending survey

You can answer a question by filling in the score. You always have the option to also add a note. This may help the administrator in your company the get a complete image of the situation. 

The survey will be automatically saved when filling in. You can always see at the bottom of the page if your answer is saved. 

Note: If you are not able to fill in the whole survey at once, you can always close it. The next time when you open the survey you can continue with the remaining questions. 


If you have answered all the questions you can complete and send the survey by click on the button 'Send'.

After sending the survey, you will be redirected to a thank-you screen with a confirmation that the survey has been submitted. From this page, you can log in (or register) to Dialog directly to view a summary of your answers.

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