Steps for successful evaluations (supervisors)

In this article, you will learn the steps you need to take in Dialog to successfully complete all evaluations with your employees.

1. The employee writes a self-evaluation. Once the employee has done this, you will receive an email notification. In Dialog, you can also see an overview of employees who have completed their self-evaluations (Read here how to access this overview).

2. You write an evaluation for the employee and send it to them (before or at the beginning of the meeting). To do this, click on 'Send to' at the bottom of the form. Once you send the evaluation, it will also be visible to the employee.

3. The evaluation meeting takes place.

4. After the meeting, you complete the evaluation in Dialog. To do this, click on 'Complete evaluation' at the bottom of the form. Once the evaluation is completed, the form cannot be modified anymore.


(5.) If your organisation requires both the employee and you, as the supervisor, to approve the evaluation after it's completed, you should do this immediately after completing the evaluation. The employee will then receive an email to review and approve the evaluation. Once all parties involved have approved the evaluation, it will be successfully completed in Dialog.

In the evaluation reporting section in Dialog, you can see which evaluations have been completed and which ones are still pending (Read here ow to access this overview).

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