How can I use Dialog for conversations with my employees?

You can use Dialog to support conversations with your employees, as it provides both structure and input for the discussion.

Using Goals as Input

When having a conversation with your employee (such as a performance review), it is valuable to discuss the goals the employee has set for themselves. The employee can indicate how they feel about their goals using colored smileys and written notes. This can be valuable input when you engage in a conversation with the employee. It allows you to discuss what is going well, areas for improvement, and the employee's plans for the upcoming period.

If you have a meeting scheduled with an employee, ask them to update and reflect on their goals beforehand. This provides valuable input for the conversation.

Talking Points

You can also use Dialog to prepare for your conversations. On the employee's goals page, you will find a vertical bar on the right titled 'Talking Points'. Here, you can write down topics you would like to discuss with the employee.

You can choose whether you want to share each talking point with the employee or keep them private. You can also see if the employee has shared any talking points with you.

After the conversation has taken place and you have discussed the points, you can cross them off by using the checkbox to the left of each talking point.

Conversation Notes

Under the "Conversation" section, you will find recent goal updates and feedback from the employee. The employee can also write general notes and summaries of the conversation here. As a manager, you can do the same. After having a conversation with the employee, you can briefly note what was discussed.

You can keep this section organized by using filters. By filtering for conversation notes, only the notes written by you and the employee will be displayed.

Private Notes

Of course, there may be notes you prefer to keep to yourself. Therefore, we offer the option to write private notes. Private notes are never visible to anyone else. An additional advantage is that you will have these notes on hand when writing an evaluation for an employee.

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