How can I analyse the Engagement results of my team?

You can find the Engagement survey results in Dialog below the the tab 'Insight' and the subtab 'Engagement'. Here you see the results for all send surveys. 

In this article we will explain what you see in the results overview. And how you can analyse the results for your team. 

Engagement, Enablement en Participation

Questions are about the extent to which employees are involved in the organisation (Engagement). Or on the extent to which they feel supported to perform their work (Enablement). On top of the page you see the average scores for Engagement and Enablement. The participation indicates how many employees have completed the survey. 



Score per theme

In the block 'Score by theme' you see all the themes contribute to the average Engagement and Enablement scores. You immediately see for which themes the scores are high and for which themes improvements can be made.

If a theme has no score on Engagement or Enablement, it means that no question was asked about it. In the example below you see that this is the case for theme 'Trust in the organization'. There are no Enablement questions asked for this theme. 

If an eNPS question is asked, you also see this score in the overview. The eNPS score is a different theme and doesn't contribute to Engagement or Enablement. This score is calculated in a different way (you can read here how the eNPS score is calculated).


The results of the team you are supervisor for are shown in this overview. We call this overview the 'Heatmap'. The heatmap shows the average score per theme (from Engagement and Enablement together). If you cannot see your team's score, this is because we cannot guarantee the anonymity of your employees. The participation will always show. If you have less than 5 employees in your team, you don't see any scores. 

If you move your cursor over the score, you see the Engagement and Enablement score. On the right side of the heatmap you also see the average scores for Engagement, Enablement and eNPS. 

We work with green and red colors in the heatmap. The higher the scores, the darker green the color is getting. The lower scores are indicated with red. The lower the scores, the darker red the color is getting. This way you easily see which themes have higher scores and for which themes improvements can be made. 

Analyzing results per theme

In the overview you have different filter options to analyze the results.

You can analyze a specific theme to filter on this theme and determine which specific improvements can be made. You can filter on 'By theme/question' and choose which theme you want to analyze. This can be a theme with the lowest scores. Click on this theme to filter the scores. 

In the example below we chose to zoom in on the theme 'Health and wellbeing'. You now see that the sub themes 'Physical safety' and 'Workload' have lower scores. This could be a reason to look at the questions of these sub themes. If you expend the sub themes you see the scores per asked questions and you can decide which questions you can work with.

You can also filter this overview 'By answer' to get more information per given answer. In this overview you see whether employees have giving remarks and you also have the option to have an anonymous conversation with the employee (read here more about anonymous conversations). 










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