Which Engagement insights do you have with the different roles?

In Dialog it is possible to assign certain roles to users. Below we explain you which roles you can use to give an user Engagement insights. And which roles who can use to manage Engagement. 

You want to give a user certain rights, but you are not sure which role to choose? You can always send an e-mail to support@dialog.nl. We are happy to help. 

Roles with Engagement insights

Below the tab 'Insight' and the sub tab 'Engagement' you find all the Engagement insights from the sent surveys. With these roles, Supervisor, View child teams (to use in addition to the supervisor role), Coordinator, Insight into engagement, Insight into engagement (cascading), you have the following insights:

  • insights into Engagement scores and responses per question for the team (and possible child team) to which the role is linked.
  • the option to respond to given answers or scores and have an anonymous conversation with the employee. 

There are also a number of roles you can assign to a user so they don't have insights into the Engagement results. These are:

  • Supervisor (no insight into engagement)
  • View child team (no insight into engagement)
  • Coordinator (no insight into engagement)

Admin roles for Engagement

With the roles Super admin and System admin you have rights to manage Engagement by changing or adding themes and questionnaires. You also have the option to change or add questions in the themes and questionnaires. 

As Super admin you also have the insights below:

  • you have insights into scores and given answers.
  • you also have the option to respond to given answers or scores.


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