How can I add an ambition goal?

An ambition goal is one in which you focus on taking the next step towards a different job or career. In this article, you will read how to create an ambition goal in Dialog in two ways:

  • Via your personal goals page with the 'Add' button
  • Through the help tool for creating a personal plan
  1. Click on the magic wand in the top right corner to open the help tool
  2. Click on 'Create personal plan'
  3. Click on 'Development' tab or go through the step-by-step plan
  4. Click on a function on which you want to create an ambition target
  5. Click on 'More suggestions...' to see more feature suggestions
    Note: not every organisation has suggestions for functions, check with your organisation if you are not sure about this
  6. Click on 'Add your own goal' to add your own goal
  7. On your personal page, you will find a heading 'Ambitions' where you have and overview of all your ambition goals!
  8. Optionally click 'Add' here if you want to add a new ambition goal

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