What should I do when I am unable to log in through Single Sign-on (SSO)?

If your organization uses a Single Sign-on connection, you can sign in to Dialog with your organization account. To do this, click on 'Log in with your organization account'. Then you enter your organization e-mail address, and you will be redirected to your account.


Do you get a notification that you can't log in? Please take following steps:

To find out why logging in with your organization account doesn’t work, you need to check which e-mail address is set up in your organization account. This e-mail address must correspond to the e-mail address known in Dialog. If you don't know how to find out what your e-mail address is? Please consult your ICT support team or the Dialog contact person within your organization.

If needed, you or your Dialog contact person can notify us by sending a message/ticket to the Dialog support team.

Please include the following information when applicable:

    • The email address that has been generated for your organization account
  • What exactly is not working with the SSO:
    • You try to log in via the Dialog login page, but you are not redirected to the company SSO page.
    • You have been forwarded to the company SSO page, but logging in there is not successful.
    • You have logged in via the company-SSO page, but are not shown the correct Dialog screen.
  • Does this only happen to one person, or several people in the organization?
    • What are the users/email addresses where the SSO does not work?
  • Please attach screenshots when possible.

You can then send this specific information to the Dialog support team in a ticket (click here).

We will try to help you as quickly as possible.


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