How do I modify an existing team goal?

It is possible to make alterations in an existing team goal.

1. Go to 'Team'

2. Then click on 'Teamgoals'

3. Click on the team goal you want to modify.


4. Click on the three dots

5. Then click on 'Edit teamgoal'



Then the following menu appears. Here you can make the following alterations:

  1. You can change whether employees from underlying teams are allowed to contribute to the team goal.
  2. You can change whether the team goal contributes to another team or organizational goal.
  3. You can change the name of the team goal (4-6 words recommended).
  4. You can change the description of the team goal.
  5. You can change the start and end date of the team goal.


6. Finally, click on 'Save goal'

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