What is the difference between an evaluation or assessment that is on draft, sent or final?

Reviews and evaluations can be on multiple statuses. This affects who sees what. The statuses are explained below.

Status: Open
When the review has the status open, no one has written anything yet.

Status: Draft
When you save a review as a draft, only you can see what has been written up to that point. So save it as a draft if you have not finished writing the evaluation or assessment.

Status: Sent
When you are satisfied with what you have written down in a review or evaluation, you can send it. When you send an evaluation, it is visible to others who have rights to see it, such as your supervisors. They will also receive a message that you have sent your evaluation/assessment. When an evaluation/assessment has been sent, it is possible to apply changes afterwards.


Status: Final
When all parties are satisfied with an evaluation or assessment, the person entitled to it can finalize an assessment or evaluation. In general, these are managers or employees of the HR department. Once finalized, it’s not possible to apply changes anymore.

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