How does my evaluation dashboard work?

Your evaluation dashboard gives an overview of all your current and old evaluation moments. You can ses this overview by first clicking on 'reviews' and then of the sub page 'about me'. In this overview, you can easily see what you still have to do with ongoing evaluations and which evaluations have been completed. You can see the content of an evaluation by clicking on it.

When an ongoing evaluation needs following up, you can see on the right the action required.

  • Write an evaluation – Haven't you started filling in the evaluation form yet? Then the button 'Write evaluation' will show. Click on the button to go to your evaluation immediately.

  • Completing the evaluation - Have you already started filling in your evaluation, but you haven’t finalized and send it yet? Then the button 'Complete evaluation' shows. By clicking this button, you will immediately go to your evaluation. Now you can finalize it and send it to your manager.

  • View & approve – Are the settings of your organization set, so that you must approve of the evaluation? The button 'view & approve’ will show, after your manager has finalized the evaluation. By clicking this button, you can check and approve of the evaluation, or mark it as seen.
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