Writing Evaluations in Dialog (employee)

You can prepare for your performance evaluation with your supervisor using Dialog. This is done by writing a self-evaluation, which you send to your supervisor in advance. Your supervisor will also write an evaluation about you. During the evaluation meeting, you both can discuss these evaluations. Writing a self-evaluation allows you to enter the discussion well-prepared, and hopefully, it will lead to valuable insights and ideas to work on in the upcoming period!

Below, we have described step-by-step how the evaluation process works in Dialog. Take a look before you start writing your self-evaluation, so you know exactly what to expect!


The evaluation process in Dialog:

1. You will receive a notification email informing you that it's time to write your self-evaluation in Dialog. By clicking on 'Write your evaluation', you will be directed to the evaluation form.

2. You can then fill out the evaluation form. You can look back on the past period for each section by clicking on it. On the right below 'Details' you have access to your written reflections and received feedback while writing your evaluation.

You can save the evaluation as a draft and continue writing at a later time.

3. Once you have finished writing your self-evaluation, you can send it to your supervisor. To do this, click on 'Send to...' at the bottom of the form.

Your supervisor will receive a notification that you have written your self-evaluation. Now, they can proceed with writing their evaluation. Once your supervisor sends you the evaluation, you will receive an email notification so that you can review it.

4. You are now well-prepared to discuss the evaluation form. You can make any necessary adjustments to the form based on your discussion. After the meeting, your supervisor will finalise the evaluation. Once completed, the evaluation will be closed, and the form cannot be edited anymore.

5. If your organisation requires you to approve the evaluation, after your supervisor has completed it, you will receive an email requesting you to approve the evaluation. By clicking on the 'Review evaluation' button in the email, you will be directed to your evaluation form.

You can then review the form and indicate whether you agree with the evaluation. To approve the evaluation, click on 'Approve'. If you disagree with the evaluation, click on 'Mark as seen'. Your supervisor will receive a notification, and you can discuss it further.

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