How do I write a reflection/note on my goals?

If you regularly reflect on your goals, you will learn as much as possible from what is going well and what can be improved. You can track the progress of your goals throughout the year and add a comment under each goal. In this article, we will explain how to do this.

1. Select a goal you want to reflect on.

2. Indicate with a smiley face, how your goal has gone in the past period and how much confidence you have that you will achieve the goal.

3. Now you can write a note under your goal. Write down regularly what your progress is, what you have already achieved and what still needs improving.

4. Specify who can see your note.

5. When you're done writing your note, click 'Save'.


Are the goals within your team set open for your colleagues? Then they can also view these notes (unless you indicate otherwise). Your manager and colleagues can also write a note.


General notes and updates
In addition to reflections and notes on your goals, you can also write general notes, updates and discussion points. Read here how you can do this

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