Why is it valuable to reflect in Dialog?

Regularly reflecting on what you have achieved and developed during a certain period can contribute to your personal and professional growth.

In Dialog, you can do this very easily by indicating with a smiley how you feel about a specific goal. You can also reflect on the content and write down in a note what is going well, what could be improved and what you will do in the coming period to achieve your goal. This is a great way to accelerate learning.

What are the benefits of regularly reflecting in Dialog?

  • Reflection brings inspiration and positive energy.
    • Taking time to pause and reflect on your goals increases the likelihood of achieving them.
  • Evaluation becomes quicker and simpler.
    • When you write your self-evaluation in Dialog, you have all your notes available. You can use these as input when writing your evaluation.
  • Regular reflection leads to a more honest and complete evaluation.
    • Looking back over a longer period, it's possible to forget what you were working on nine months ago. With all your reflections at hand, both you and your supervisor can write a thorough and honest evaluation.
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