What notes can I write in the sidebar on the right?

The sidebar with conversation points, notes and activities is a place where you can store information, related to the progress of your personal goals. Actually a kind of personal live feed of your HR cycle. In the sidebar you can write talking points, conversation notes, and private notes. In this article we explain what you can see in the sidebar and where you can write which notes.

Talking points
Under the button 'Conversation' you have the opportunity to write down topics that you still want to discuss with your manager. You can do this by clicking on '+ Add talking point'. Your manager can also write talking points here. You can indicate per talking point, whether this is transparent for your manager, or only just for you. Your colleagues or coaches never have access to your talking points. If you have set it to private, there is a lock behind it so it is only visible for you.

You can always edit or delete a talking point written by you. You can edit it by hovering over the talking point using your mouse and click on the pencil. You can delete it by clicking on the trash can.

Have you discussed it with your manager? Then you can cross the talking point off your list by clicking on the square to the left of the talking point.


Conversation notes
Also under the button 'Conversation' you will find the recent activities about your goals, feedback and your conversation notes. You have the opportunity here, to write general updates or comments, also called conversation notes. You can write your note in the text field and then use the visibility bar below, to indicate who can see this note. You can always edit or delete your conversation note afterwards. Your manager can also write conversation notes for you here. Furthermore, you can filter the different subjects shown in this list. You can filter by Goal activity, Feedback activity, and Conversation notes. That way you can find your activities in a clear and manageable way.


Private notes
Under the button 'Private notes' you can keep notes you want to keep to yourself. Private notes are never visible to others. You can write a private note in the text box and then click ‘Add’ to save the note. You can edit a private note by clicking on it, or delete it by clicking on the trash can.



Notes and reflections for your goals
In addition to general notes, you can also write notes and reflections on your goals. Read here how you can do this


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