What is a calibration and how do I fill one in?

Calibrations can be used to prepare for final evaluations. During a calibration, managers indicate how they are planning to score their employees during the final evaluation. Subsequently, they have a meeting which is often facilitated by HR in which it is explained and/or argued how and why managers assigned the given scores to their employees. This results in a joint agreement on how to score the employee. This prevents that one manager has a more strict way of scoring while an other manager is more lenient.

We support this process in Dialog. You fill in a calibration before you actually fill in the evaluation form. When you have filled in the calibration, you can see your results in a visual representation. 

Does your organization want you to calibrate before the evaluation? Then you can read about this process in Dialog below.

The calibration in Dialog

As a manager, you fill in the calibration for the employees you manage. You receive an e-mail notification announcing when you are able to fill in the calibration in Dialog. Using the button in this e-mail, you can directly go to the calibration.


You now see an overview of the employees for whom you have to fill in the calibration. You will score the employees with the same ratings that you are going to use in the final evaluation. You are able to provide an argumentation for your score.


When you have completed the calibration, you click on 'Save'. You now see a visual representation of your scores. Employees and other managers are not able to see these results.


HR will host a session where you and other managers will discuss your scores and on the criteria you scored on.

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