Who sees my feedback and how do I adjust it?

In Dialog, it is possible for others to see your received feedback. You can decide yourself per feedback, who you give access to look in to your feedback. In this article, we'll explain how to see who can see your feedback and how to adjust it.

1. Click on ‘Feedback’

2. Click on the privacy/visibility settings button (in the screenshot called 'managers') to open a drop down menu with different visibility options.

The options who has access to look in to your feedback are: (depending on how this is set up in your organization)

  • You and your feedback giver- You can see your feedback and the person you've received the feedback from
  • Managers: You, your feedback giver and your managers
  • Managers & Coaches: You, your feedback giver, your managers and your coaches
  • Managers, Coaches & Colleagues: You, your feedback giver, your manager, your coaches and your colleagues. And by colleagues, we mean only the members of your team, not the whole organization.

3. Click on 'Who do I give access' to see who is specifically meant your giving access to.



5. Click 'Save' to confirm your choice.



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