Where can I upload documents?

On your personal page, you are able to upload different types of documents. You can for example upload images, videos, or pdf files. In this way, you are able to create your own portfolio in Dialog! You can do this in the following way.

1. Click on 'Goals' to go to you personal page.

2. Click on 'Documents'.

3. Click on '+ Add document'.


4. Click on 'Select document'. Now your file folder opens where you can choose the document you want to upload on your personal page.

5. Now you can name your document. In this way you create a clear overview of all your documents.

6. Indicate who is able to see the document. You can make the document private so only you can see it, or you can indicate that your manager is also able to see it.

7. Click on 'Add' to upload the document.


The document will nog show in your documents overview. Here you can keep track of your portfolio. Your manager is also able to upload documents for you here.

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