How can I create a demo account in Dialog?

You can create a demo account in Dialog. This can be very valuable when you give training sessions, workshops, or demos. This way, you won't need to use your own account for that.

To create a demo account, follow these steps: 

Creating a demo account 

1. Click on the tab 'Management' and choose 'Employees'

2. Click on '+ New employees'

3. Fill in the details for the demo account:

  • First and last name
  • A fictitious email address. Since the account is only for demos, you don't need to use a real email address. We recommend using the name of your organization (for example:
    • Note: Does your organization use Single Sign-on? Then do not use an email address with the same domain as your organization (for example: In that case, you won't be able to create a separate password for your demo account.
  • The team in which you want to place the demo account (you can always change this later)
  • The role the demo account should have (you can always change this later)

4. Choose 'Immediately' under the  'Start date' heading

5. Choose 'On the start date' under the 'Do you want to send invitations?' heading

6. Then click on 'Add employee'


Activating the Demo account 

You have now added the demo account. The next step is to activate the demo account. Follow these steps:

1. Find the demo account in the employees overview. You will see that the employee has the status 'Invitation sent'.

2. Since you used a fictitious email address, you won't receive a registration email. To activate the account, you can use the invitation link. To do this, click on the three dots to the right of the employee and then on 'Copy invitation link'.


3. Log out of your account and paste the invitation link into the URL of your web browser and press enter.


4. You can now choose a password for the demo account.

5. Finally, click on 'Register' to complete the creation of your demo account. You can now start using your demo account with the email address and password you chose.


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