How can I change my goals?

Once you've created your goals, you can adjust them at any time. In this article, you can learn how to change your goals and what changes you can make.

  1. Click on ‘Goals’.
  2. Click on the goal you would like to adjust and click on the pencil.


Now the detail page of your goal opens. You can make the following changes here:

  1. Name- adjust the name of your goal here.
  2. Description- adjust your goal description here.
  3. Steps- adjust, delete or add steps which are going to help you to achieve your goal.


  1. Archive- by clicking this button, you will delete this goal and it will be removed from your plan.
  2. Visibility - This bar indicates who can see your goal. Has your organization set up the settings to open or shield your goals from others? Then you can adjust the visibility of your goal here.
  3. Active period- This bar indicates the period for which your goal is active. You can change the start and end dates of your goal here.


  1. Type of goal - You can adjust the type of your goal here. You can switch from a performance goal to a development goal or switch a development goal to a performance goal.
  2. Link- You can link your personal goal to a team or organizational goal, or to a competence or core value.
  3. When you've made all the adjustments, click ‘Save’.




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