SSO manual for Google Workspace

Step 1

Log in on Go to the dashboard page and click on Create Project at the right side.


Step 2

Choose a project name (e.g. Company name-SSO) and select the organisation and location for which the SSO will be configured. Creating the project can take a while. The page will eventually redirect you to the dashboard of the new project.


Step 3

Go tho the page OAuth consent screen and choose User Type Intern. Then click on Create.


Step 4

In the Application name field, fill in Dialog and fill in the email address of the Google Workspace admin. Als upload the Dialog icon below.



Step 5

Scroll down and fill in the following 3 lines:


Step 6

Scroll down and fill in the domains that have access to the application (e.g. Then, click on Save and continu


Step 7

Go to the page Credentials. Click at the top on Create credentials and choose the option Client-ID OAuth. Select for the application type Web application and fill in 'dialog-sso' as the name.


Step 8

In the Authorized redirect-URI's field, fill in the following two uri's:


Step 9

Click on Create at the bottom. Now a pop-up screen will show with a Client-ID and a Client secret. Fill these in in the table below:

Category Answer

Client ID

Client secret  
Domain(s) e.g. /


Step 10

Send the information from the previous step to your contact within Dialog. We will configure the SSO integration and test if the integration is set up succesfully.










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