How do I set up a calibration?

Calibrations are linked to an evaluation moment in Dialog. Super- and System administrators can indicate at an evaluation moment whether the evaluation moment will also be calibrated.

1. Click on 'Management'.

2. Click on 'Review cycles'.

3. Click on the active evaluation cycle.


4. Click on the 'three dots'.

5. Click on 'Edit'.


6. When the setting 'Final reviewer(s) must complete a calibration prior this evaluation moment' is enabled, more options will appear:

  • Description
    • Shows in the calibration fill-in page
  • Start date
    • The calibration can be completed from this date
  • End date
    • This is a target date for when the calibration should be completed. Calibrations can still be entered after the end date.
  • Send email to executives
    • On the email date, an email is sent to final assessors who have to fill in a calibration for one or more employees
    • If this option is enabled, it also shows the option to send your own e-mail text and the option to send reminder e-mails. Reminder emails are sent to a final assessor halfway through the period between the start and end date if he still has to complete one or more calibrations.

7. When you are done, click on 'Save'.


Note: The setting 'Final reviewer(s) must complete a calibration prior this evaluation moment' can only be switched on or off if the start date of the evaluation moment is in the future.

It is important that the evaluation form, which is attached to the evaluation moment, has a final score component. Otherwise you cannot turn on calibration. Not sure if this is the case? Then ask that question to our support team.

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