Where can I see for which evaluations I have yet to do something?

As a supervisor, you write evaluations of your employees in Dialog. To help you with this, we have made an overview which indicate for which evaluations, talent reviews, and calibrations there is still an action required from you.

You can find this overview by going to the 'Evaluation' page and to the 'Pending' sub page. This page shows you the status of the evaluations using various headers. The date at the right of an evaluation indicates the end date of which the evaluation is due. Try to finish all evaluations before the end date. 

In this article we explain which headers there are and what they mean.


Pending talent reviews

Does your organization use talent reviews? Then this header shows the talent reviews you have yet to fill in. When you click on 'Write talent review', you will be directed to the talent review and you can fill it in immediately. Read more about talent reviews in this article: 


Pending calibrations

Are evaluations being calibrated in your organization? Then this headers shows the calibrations that you have yet to fill in. When you click on 'Write calibration', you will be directed to the calibration and you can fill it in immediately. Read more about calibrations in this article:


Pending evaluation about me

This header shows the self-evaluations that you still have to write. By clicking on 'Write evaluation', you will be directed to the evaluation and you can start writing it immediately.


Pending evaluations about others

This header shows the evaluations that you still have to write about your employees, regardless of the employee has already written the self-evaluation. When you click on 'Write evaluation' you will be directed to the evaluation so you can check if the employee has already written his or her self-evaluation. Our tip would be to let the employee write the self-evaluation first, before writing the evaluation yourself.

You could notice your employees if they still have to writetheir self-evaluation in Dialog. When they have, you will receive an e-mail notification so you can write the evaluation yourself. Read more about the evaluation process in this article: How do evaluations work in Dialog as a supervisor?


Evaluations that need to be completed

When you have written an evaluation about an employee, you can find it under the header 'Evaluations that need to be completed'. When you have had the actual evaluation with the employee, you have the responsibility to complete the evaluation.


Waiting for others

Here you find the evaluation forms where you do not need to do anything, but still requires an action from the employee. This header shows the evalutions where the employee still has to approve the evaluation.


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