How can I view and change my personal data?

You can view your personal data by clicking on the settings button at the top right. Here you will see the following information:

Profile photo
Your profile photo shows on the left. By clicking on it, you can upload a photo of your choice.


First and last name
Here you can change your first and last name. Does the bar turn up grey and you can't change your name? Then your organization has a link with your company account. If this is the case, the name as is set in the company account is shown as default.


Username, mobile phone number and email address
Here you can add or change your username, mobile phone number, and email address. It is advisable to use your e-mail address for a username. This to prevent any confusion while logging in. Does the bar turn grey and you can't change this data? Then your organization has a link with another HR system. If it’s of importance that these changes are made, you can contact the Dialog administrator within your organization.


Here you can change the default language in Dialog. The languages available are: Dutch, English, French, or German.


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