How can I manage my team goals?

On the 'Teamgoals' page you can find an overview of all the team goals, both of the teams you are a member of and the teams you manage. In this overview you see:

  • What the name of the goal is
  • For which team this goal has been set
  • Which employees contribute to this team goal with their own personal goals
  • How many personal goals contribute to the team goal
  • And how employees have reflected on these personal goals.

In this article we explain how you can manage this page.


Filtering the overview

To gain a clear overview of the team goals, you can use the following two filters. These filters can be used simultaneously.

1. Teams - when you are the supervisor of multiple teams, it could become unclear to see for what teams you already created team goals and which goals belong to which team. Therefore, we give you the option to select one or more teams in the filter. Then, only the teamgoals of belonging to the chosen teams will be showed. 

2. Period that the team goal is active - by default, only the active team goals are shown in the overview. This means that the end date of the team goal has not yet been reached. When a goal has an end date and that date has been reached, the goal will automatically be removed from the overview. By selecting 'all goals' in the filter, the inactive team goals will be shown in the overview. You can also select a period or a cycle in the filter. Then, all team goals that were active in the chosen cycle or period of time will show in the overview. 


Managing team goals

Click on a team goal to see more details about the goal. On this detail page you see two tabs.

The tab 'Personal goals' indicates how many personal goals are linked to this team goal. The list shows what and from whom these team goals are. In this way you can easily see what and whose personal goals contribute to the team goal. By default, only the active personal goals are shown in this list. When you choose 'all goals' in the filter, also the inactive and completed goals are shown in the list. 

the tab 'Team goals' indicates if there are other team goals that are linked to this one. In the list you can see what these team goals are and from whicht team. Here, the active team goals are shown by default. When you choose 'all goals' in the filter, also the inactive team goals are shown in the list. 


On the detail page, you can also make changes to the team goal. Click on the three dots at the right of the team goal and click on 'Edit teamgoal'. Read here how you can give context to a team goal.

Furthermore, you can also archive or delete a team goal using the three dots. By archiving a team goal you set the status of the goal on inactive.



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