How do I ask feedback about an other employee?

In Dialog you can ask colleagues for feedback about yourself. However, as a supervisor, you can also ask colleagues for feedback about employees which you supervise. In this article we explain how you can do this.

1. Click on 'Feedback'.

2. Click on 'Ask feedback'.


3. Now the feedback modal opens. You can select if you want to ask feedback about yourself or about others. In this case, select 'About others'.

4. Choose who you want to ask for feedback. You can ask multiple colleagues for feedback at once and you can even ask feedback from people outside of your organization by using their e-mail addresses. 

5. Choose who you want to ask feedback about. You can choose multiple employees at once.

6. You can ask feedback on different things:

  • Goals and/or competencies - when you select this option, you can send personal goals and/or competencies along with the feedback request. In this way, the employee will receive feedback about the selected goals or competencies. You can select these at the right side of the modal. In the text field you can complete your feedback request by writing a personal message for the receiver or ask an extra feedback question.
  • Questionnaire - if your organization created any pre-set feedback questionnaires, you can also send one of these along with the feedback request. Select the questionnaire you want to use and make the feedback request complete by writing a personal message in the text field. You could also ask an extra feedback question here.
  • Ask a question - You can of course always ask a general feedback question. Then you can select this option and write your question(s) in the text field.

7. When you are done with your request, click on 'Send'.



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