Why is it valuable for your employees to regularly reflect in Dialog?

Your employees can take a moment to reflect on the goals they have set for themselves in Dialog. They do this, among other things, by indicating how they feel about their goals using colored smileys. In your employee overview, you have a direct summary of your employees, how many goals they have, and the status of these goals (the color of the smileys they have assigned to each goal).

What are the benefits of having your employees regularly reflect in Dialog?

  • Contributes to the development and success of the team:
    • By encouraging reflection, not only does it contribute to the individual employee's development but also to the growth of the entire team. This, in turn, increases of achieving your team's goals.
  • Provides immediate insight into the well-being of your employees:
    • In your dashboard, you can easily see how your employees are progressing with their goals through the use of colors. This can serve as a trigger to initiate conversations about their progress.
  • Simplifies conducting conversations:
    • You can directly use the reflections as input for your conversations with employees.
  • Evaluation takes less time and becomes easier: 
    • When writing evaluations for your employees, you not only have your own notes on hand but also the reflections provided by the employees themselves. This makes the evaluation writing process much easier.
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