Which roles give you access to results of an engagement survey?

In Dialog, you can authorize colleagues by adding roles. This article lists the roles that gives a user rights to see results of an engagement survey. This article explains how to add roles to a user.

Want to give a user certain rights, but not sure which role to use for this? Then send an e-mail to support@dialog.nl. We will be happy to think along with you.


Roles that provide insight into engagement results

  • Supervisor

  • View child teams
  • Coordinator
  • Coordinator (cascading)
  • Insight into engagement
  • Insight into engagement (cascading)
  • Super admin

If you also use Dialog's Performance module, you may not (yet) want to give managers insight into the results of their teams. We have therefore created a variant for some roles that does not provide insight into results.

  • Supervisor (no insight into engagement)
  • View child teams (no insight into engagement)
  • Coordinator (no insight into engagement)
  • Coordinator (cascading - no insight into engagement)

Managing the question set and surveys

With the Super admin or System admin role, you give someone rights to manage the question set and send surveys. The Super admin also has insights into survey results. The System admin does not.

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