How do I manage the engagement question set

The question set in Dialog is divided into themes. For each theme, you can add questions related to that theme. This article explains how to manage these themes and questions.


Managing themes

You can add new themes or modify existing ones. The process is the same for both.

1. Click on Management.

2. Click on Engagement. You are redirected to you quesiton set with all existing themes.

3. To create a new theme, click on '+ New theme'.

4. To edit an existing theme, click on the three dots on the right of the theme and click on 'Edit'.


You can add the following components to a theme:

1. The name of the theme. If the theme has a long name, you can also add a short name. The short name will be used when the long name doesn't fit in the dashboard.

2. The parent theme. If the theme is a subtheme that belongs under another theme, you can indicatie which main theme it belongs to. If the theme doens't fall under any other theme, you can leave this field empty.

3. The questions related to the theme. Below, we explain how to manage questions.

Important note: you don't have to fill in the fields 'Description', 'Image' and 'Icon'. These fields are not (yet) used in the platform.


Managing questions

For each theme, you can specify the questions related to it. During the implementation, you have already built a question set. You can manage this set yourself by removing or adding new questions.

Caution! Do not edit existing questions. This will affect historical results from previous surveys. If you want to change an existing question, please add a new question and then remove the old one.


To add a question, click on '+ Add a question'. You then have the option to choose a question that already belongs to another theme, or add a completely new question. Here is how you add a new question:

1. Write the question and press enter on your keyboard. We recommend adding the question in English as well. You can do this by clicking on the flag icon. If you use Dialog in other languages as well, translate the question into those languages as well.

2. Select the rating on which the employees score the question. The default rating used is the '5-point scale, completely disagree - completely agree.' You can find this by clicking on 'show all scales' and scrolling down.

If your question has a negative connotation (e.g., "I experience excessive workload"), then use the reverse rating. This is also listed in the rating overview. With this scale, the underlying score is reversed (e.g., "Completely agree" gives the lowest score).

You can also add open questions. In that case you don't select a rating at all.

Note: Using different rating scales may affect the final scores.

3. Indicate the type of question. Here you can always choose Engagement.

4 Once you've filled in all the details, click on Save.

5. When you're done editing the questions of the theme, click Save again to save your changes.

To delete a question from a theme, click on the garbage can at the right of a question.


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