How do I send an Engagement survey?

As an administrator of your organisation, you can send engagement surveys in Dialog in the following way:

1. Click on 'Management'

2. Click on 'Surveys'

3. Click on 'Plan survey'


You can easily schedule a survey in three steps: Plannig, Themes & questions, and the Target audience.



For the planning, you indicate the following:

  • Name: fill in the name of the survey. This is also the name that the employees see when they fill out the survey.
  • Start date: on the start date, the announcement mail will be sent to the employees around 08:00.
    • Note: if you set the survey date for today, and it's later than 08:00, the announcement email will be sent the following morning.
  • End date: on the end date, the survey close and can't be filled out anymore.
    • Note: this means that if the end date is January 31, the last day that the survey can be filled out is January 30.
  • Type: there are two types of surveys you can send. A default and a pulse survey.
    • Default: all selected questions at 'Themes & questions' are asked at once in the survey. This is the most commonly used type of survey.
    • Pulse: all selected questions at 'Themes & questions' are divided into smalller pulses. If you want to conduct pulse surveys, contact for assistance in setting this up correctly.
  • Repeat the survey: if selected, the survey will be automatically repeated periodically. In most cases, you want to leave this option turned off.
  • Use a custom e-mail text: if selected, you can write the subject and text used in the survey announcement email yourself.
    • This text is also used in the reminder mails you send through the online platform. Learn how to optimally use these reminder mail here.


Themes & questions

On this page, you can add the questions from your set that you want to include in the survey. Do you want to expand your set of themes and questions? Read here how to manage your set of questions.

Click on 'Add theme with questions' to add questions to your surey. You can search for questions or themes by typing. Clicking on a question adds it to the survey. Clicking on a theme adds all the questions from that theme at once.

Additionally, you can specify whether the questions should be asked in the specified order or in a random order. You can also choose whether an employee sees one question per page while filling it out or an entire theme per page (with all the theme's questions). For smaller surveys (< 40 questions), we recommend using one question per page. For larger surveys (>40 questions), we suggest using one theme per page. In this article you can see what this looks like for an employee.


Target Audience

On this page you can select who receives the survey. You can send it to specific teams or roles. The most common method is to send surveys to specific teams. When you select this option, you'll see the organizational structure. Clicking on the top team sends the survey to the entire organization. You can also exclude specific teams from the survey.


Once you've gone through all the steps, click 'Save.' You'll return to the overview where the survey is ready to go. You can still make adjustments until the start date.

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